Coronation Community Association


The Coronation Community of West Hill is located in the West Hill region of Toronto, North of the railway tracks and South of Morningside Park, between the Guildwood  GO/VIA station to the West and Eli Shackelton-Deekshill-Shoreview Drives to the East in the former city of Scarborough. 

Our population, with well over 4500 homes, is approximately 13500 people in size lying along and to either side of Coronation Dr. which winds its way through the heart of our community.

We have four churches, St. Matin de Porres Roman Catholic, the Scarborough Seventh Day Adventist, the West Hill Gospel and the historic St. Margaret's in the Pines.

Seven schools are located within our area: East View PS,  St. Martin de Porres Catholic, Galloway PS, St. Margaret's PS, West Hill CI, Sir Robert L. Borden Business and Technical Institute and Maplewood High School.

We are a heavily treed bedroom suburban community with most of our population working in the Greater Toronto Area outside our boundaries. There are no industries within the Coronation Community.

While there is a smaller shopping centre at the intersection of Coronation Drive and Morningside Avenue, the majority of the shopping can be found strung along the busy Kingston Road, particularly where it intersects with Lawrence. Morningside Crossing is by far the area's largest shopping centre. There are small plazas through out the Coronation Community with restaurants, variety stores, hairdressers, and laundries.

For the most part, we are that rarity among suburban neighbourhoods, a walkable community, with 80% of our food and shopping needs found within a few minutes walk. We boast of many doctor, dentist and legal offices.

We have five parks within the Community and access to many more, including the various parks along the Highland Creek Valley and all of lake Ontario, within an easy walk.

Neighbouring Community Associations are the Guildwood CA (south of the tracks) and the Centennial Community & Recreation Association (East of Highland Creek)

Here is a Detailed Map of our Community

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CCA Neighbourhood Map

1 Guildwood Station
The major transportation hub of the community surrounded by a modern new subdivision boasting one of the largest Boys & Girls Clubs in the city.
2 Galloway
We are currently looking for a Representative for this area. At the intersection of Kingston Road and Galloway, this neighbourhood takes its name from the Galloway family who pioneered a large farm in the area. The twenty story OHC building at 4301 Kingston Road towers over this neighbourhood, and along with its surrounding town homes, it gives this neighbourhood its distinctive feature. There is a small plaza at the corner of Kingston and Poplar and the grounds of Sir Robert L. Borden School take up much of the area.
3 Eastview
Quiet neighbourhood centred around Eastview Public School and the Eastview Park. The park hosts childrens playground and baseball diamonds and is the centre of community activity in the summer. The last remnants of the apple orchards that once covered this area can still be seen here.
4 Danzig
A vital community of quiet cul de sacs nestled south of the busy Kingston Road. A large Catholic Church and School make this a distinctive area.
5 Gardentree
Single detached homes, many with large gardens, where neighbours can usually be found mowing lawns or planting flowers.
6 Morningside Crossing
Morningside Crossing is an “open-air” concept shopping centre which meets the stringent LEED environmental standard, making it the Greater Toronto Area’s first Green Shopping Centre.
7 Deekshill
The Deekshill forest gives this area it's distinctive name. A vibrant mix of apartment buildings, townhouses, a small plaza of restaurants and stores and quiet suburban streets.
8 Secor
A rich community of suburban homes surrounding Peter Secor Park where neighbours take time to play and walk and stroll.
9 Triangle
Nestled between two major thoroughfares, Lawrence and Kingston Rd, well serviced by greenvale and Highland Creek Parks, Nurseries, stores, office complexes and Galloway Rd. Public School.
10-13 West Hill
Historic centre of the West Hill area. Peaceful neighbourhood atop the Highland Creek valley surrounding the beautiful West Hill Park, historic St. Margaret-in-the-Pines Church and site of our largest High School: West Hill C.I. The West Hill Neighbourhood Association has been active since 2001.
14 North East
Located on the east side of Morningside Ave. and north of Kingston Rd. It is a quiet area, well treed and within in easy walking distance to shops.
Coronation Community Association