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What's in A Name?

Coronation Drive was named after the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953; however, it is unlikely Her Majesty was aware of the honour.

Coronation Drive stands as a symbol for all the residential streets in our community. Running to the south and parallel to the busy triple laned Kingston Road that forms West Hill's "Main Street", Coronation Drive began its life as a dividing lane between area farms. The strange jog it takes at Poplar Road is testamony to that ancient past when horse and wagons ruled the road and life moved at a slower pace.

It is unusual for Community Associations to be named after roadways. By naming our Association after Coronation Drive, we draw attention away from the busy Kingston Road area and back to the heart of our neighbourhoods.

A Brief History

The idea for the creation of a Coronation Community Association grew out of a neighbourhood meeting that was held on July 6, 2005 on Kitchener Rd. Neighbours gathered together concerned about our neighbourhood. Attending the meeting were the then Toronto councillor David Soknacki, community safety consultant Lori Metcalfe and metro police community relations officer pc Gord Hayford.

These neighbours were aware that, over the post amalgamation period between 1998 and 2005, downtown Toronto consistently received a greater proportion of the City's capital funding at the expense of its suburban neighbours. In Scarborough’s case, it is estimated that we received $29 million less annually than if we had remained an independent city. On a cumulative basis, this became a $235 million shortfall.

The motels along Kingston Road were once the temporary homes of affluent tourists who supported our stores, our Mall and our rich variety of restaurants. However it had been a long time since these were considered a valued resource by the City and an asset to Toronto's tourism industry. We live in one of the most naturally beautiful areas of the City, rich in cultural, recreational and environmental resourses and no one seemed aware of this potential.

Other communities surrounding Coronation had formed Community Associations to give them a voice in their future. Guildwood was frequently mentioned as an area that had benefited greatly from having a Community Association to give them a strong voice and to engage neighbours in activities that made their neighbourhoods safer and enriched their lives.

Many of the people attending the backyard meeting had been long term residents of the area and believed the community was ready for renewal. The Morningside Mall was in the early stages of redevelopment, a large new library was nearing completion, exciting new plans were in discussion for the historic Guild Inn, the new 43 Division police station was just about to open, a new treed median graced the length of Kingston Road and the Heron Park Recreation Centre had recently been completely renovated.

Now it was our turn to do our part.

Following the meeting, neighbours from surrounding streets contacted meeting organizer Barry Fraser for information on the outcome of the meeting and for ideas on "What we can do next". David Soknacki offered his assistance and support for the development of a Community Association for the area. Citizens had already organized Community Associations in all of the communities surrounding Coronation Dr.

The CCA was launched on October 3rd, 2005 at a general meeting for the entire community. The standing room only event featured talks by City Councillors Soknacki and Cowbourne, Community Safety Cousultant Lori Metcalfe, Community Relations officer Gord Hayford, Ron Rock from the Boys & Girls Club and meeting organizer Barry Fraser. Ten people came forward at that meeting to dedicate themselves to the creation of an Association.

Our Executive was formed from these volunters on October 26, 2005.

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